Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cell Production Center MedCELL

Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Production Center Liv MedCell, Liv Hospital (Ulus), licensed by Ministry of Health, is the first and only production center which provides services in fully-equipped hospital and consistent with current good manufacturing practices (cGMP – Current Good Manufacturing Practices) in accordance with current national and international laws and regulations.

In our facility which has authority of production in cGMP conditions, we provide you valuable physicians not only with service of laboratory support relevant to production and transportation of cellular and tissue based products, but also with implementation based services of specialty, consultation and infrastructure in treatment processes of the patients.
Production of Mesenchymal Stem Cell (MSC) (autologous – allogenic) and autologous chondrocytes with purpose of GVHD prophylaxis and treatment, that has been approved by relevant commissions of Ministry of Health and can be reimbursed by SSI within the frame of current laws and regulations of our country, has been started in consistent with the biosafety and biosecurity rules. Moreover, your requests for autologous fibroblast implementations are started to be gathered.
Physicians, after their applications to our group for clinical trials and/or Phase 1 studies in their fields of research, those they plan to realize using cellular products (manipulated) generated in cGMP conditions, may receive consultancy services at every stage starting from planning phase (Tübitak, Santez and BAP projects) and the entire process may be performed together until completion of the project.