Assist. Prof. Ümran İleri, MD

Liv Hospital Ulus/Istanbul – Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery

Medical Field of Interest and Activities

• Reconstructive
• Esthetic Surgery
• Endoscopic Face Lifting
• Mammoplasty (Reduction, Augmentation, Reconstruction)
• Facial and Body Rejuvenation

Work Experience and Education

• Department of Plastic and esthetic Surgery, Liv Hospital, Ulus
• Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and esthetic Surgery, Medical Park, Göztepe
• Faculty of Medicine, İstanbul University
• Plastic, Reconstructive and Hand Surgery Clinic, Şişli Etfal Training and Research Hospital
• Maxillofacial Fellowship, Johns Hopkins University, USA
• Physician Asisstant in General Surgery, Franklin Square Hospital
• Fellowship, Endoscopic Facial Lift, Estetique Internationale – Baltimore, USA


• International: 6
• Presentations: 9