Prof. Erdal Karaöz,MD was appointed as a member of the ISCA

ISCA is a valuable platform for scientists from various countries around the world to work together where important proceedings...


Stem Cell at Liv Hospital

Liv Hospital Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Production Center is serving as a center where person-specific cell and stem cell production is performed in the hospital conditions and international standards for cellular treatment, first time in Turkey.

Our stem cells team

Within the framework of scientific and ethical stem cell - our patients , offering cell - tissue-engineered products and treatment options approved in the field of gene therapy in the future to meet our team.


Developments in medicine and life sciences move forward at an unprecedented pace in parallel with technological developments In basis of this progression, purpose of better preserving human health and treating diseases better and permanently plays a part. Accordingly, promising developments are observed in stem cell implementation, for several health conditions which cannot be treated with traditional methods.